Like a Flash

October 23, 2011

Well it was some months ago now but London Burlesque Week 2011 was marvellous fun, the closing night at the Coronet Theatre showcased some of the most beautiful burlesque bombshells the world has to offer! For photographs be sure to take a look at Sin Bozkurt’s album¬†for the most stunning photographs of the night. I even managed to get snapped myself:

If you want to be in with a chance of competing at Chaz Royal’s next venture, The World Burlesque Games then apply here by January 5th.

Just a quick post this time around (p.s. did you notice the fake Betty bang in the picture? It’s since become a reality!) but there should be news on its way regarding future collaborations and all sorts of things I think might interest you.

For now though, ta-ra!

Tiara x



March 22, 2011

Huzzah! Have actually won something! @EEJewellery on Twitter ran a tournament to coincide with the launch of their Spring/Summer 2011 Look Book and I was lucky enough to be named one of the winners!

To celebrate I shall be wearing my Eclectic Eccentricity locket this evening…

Tiara x

p.s. Difficult to tell in the picture but how d’you like the new hair?

It’s simply been too long! Since there’s so much I could have written about since our last meeting, I’ll cut to the chase and tell you what I should have been writing about:

I should have told you about Sinners Playground @ The Horn in St Albans

I should have told you about The Vintage Emporium off Brick Lane

I should have told you about Frisky and Mannish’s Christmas Mess…age

But of course, having the excellent taste that I attribute to all my readers I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you about them at all! So let’s skip all that in favour of something of a more personal (and one hopes) a more informative note;


Since raiding the dressing-table drawers of my mother as a little girl, suitably admiring her honey-scented pale lipstick from the Sixties and caking on enough ridiculously dark foundation that I fumbled into my first dealings with ‘fake-tan’; make-up and the beauty products that aid their application have been my utter undoing. Now whilst I have done my reading on vintage beauty products favoured for decades by luminescent young beauties with a penchant for red lipstick and a victory roll, I do not profess myself to be an expert and so instead will stick to telling you about some of the products and techniques that I find work for me (since in that I am an expert!).

Starting as I do with a blank canvas, I will begin with a post dealing with some of those products that help us cleanse, tone, moisturise and do some of the camouflaging that our base will thank us for. In terms of facial washes L’Occitane make a delightfully airy foam wash that cleanses deeply but gently, though sensitive/ dry skins be wary of over use and be sure to moisturise well afterward. If you do find your wash too drying then try a few alternatives to get the balance between clean and dried-out-sponge. As a quick fix Champney’s Moisture Mask and Soap and Glory’s Energy Balm help give your skin a lift. My current daily facial wash is Soap and Glory’s Face Soap Vitamin C daily detox (no soap despite the name) followed by a light Garnier day cream, (Avene make great products for a sensitive face) too rich a cream and my skin can become overwhelmed and my pores clogged.

The solution? A facial steamer is a worthwhile investment for skin problems and blocked noses alike, though take care when steaming with a chest infection as you could very well make it worse. I use two drops of Tea Tree oil for a great purifying steam and one drop of Olbas oil for a cold. Steaming works on opening your pores (great when they’ve been blasted by pollution and slathered in creams and make-up). To close them up again use an astringent (witch hazel swabbed over the face will do if you don’t mind the medicinal smell) or take the opportunity of using a face mask with lots of yummy nutrients and vitamins that will really absorb into the skin. It’s also a great time to pluck eyebrows!

When it comes to removing make-up at night I always use Simple Eye Make-up Remover and at a push Johnson’s Baby Lotion (for heavens sake not oil!) makes for an effective and inexpensive cleanser. Another favourite is L’Oreal’s DeMaq Milk to Toner make-up remover which makes light work of even grease-paints. For those who want a more luxurious method of removal, Soap and Glory’s Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser is a must. Those suffering with redness may find using Eucerin’s Anti-Redness Night Cream helps to calm skin, having used it in the past I’ve found the results so good I’ve almost been afraid to wash my face in the morning!

Now, I’m quite fortunate that I don’t suffer from a great many spots (though blemishes I feel is a much nicer word) so when I am afflicted by such an affront to my pursuit of perfection I wage an all-out war against them!

First up, if they can be squeezed they will, though if not then so much the better as a good steam and a cube of ice may well be their salvation; as to the former however, once squeezed I’ll apply a good dose of Garnier’s SOS pen which contains salicylic acid to purify the blemish site and dry it out but good; be warned though as it can become very sticky on your face. When it reaches the stage where the surface of the skin is flat aside from an unsightly sticky patch, I begin the second wave of the attack, a bombardment of Sudocrem! Rubbed daily into the blemish with a heavy-duty treatment before bed (lovers and dark-coloured pillow cases beware!), continue until all sight of the blemish is gone, though it may look worse before it gets better as it becomes saturated with the Sudocrem, this is still the solution I swear by for effective combat.

As with most treatments it’s really a question of trial and error to tailor a routine that works for you, and as skin changes the products that it needs will undergo countless overhauls. The best way to test out products (though admittedly their long-term effects or grievances will not be apparent) is to use trial sizes before investing in the full-size versions to give you some idea as to how they will react with your own skin. I honestly couldn’t list half the beauty products I’ve tried out over the years, not to mention the money wasted buying lotions and potions in full-size that were used a handful of times before being shelved. Never underestimate the powers of a hot wet flannel and an ice cube to brighten the complexion!

One essential piece of advice passed down from my mother is to always apply the same to your neck as you do to your face, who wants a youthful face atop a scaly old neck? Not me certainly! Remember to take care of your skin and apply all methods of beautification with caution, I like to think a lot of the mistakes have been made for us in the past but our granddaughters may yet think the same of our generation, so tread with care!

More to follow…

Tiara x

Okay so I’ve neglected you… know how I’m going to make it up? Why with a video of my brand spanking new act of course; as performed at the Glitter Room (Black Sheep Bar, Croydon) this very evening!

My new La Vie En Rose routine, costume by Emma Threadneedle.

Mmmm… Nom Nom Nom

May 20, 2008

Been a very busy bumble bee as of late and have lots to tell!

  • My debut of Diamond Dogs at Smooch Rocks on Friday 16th of May – pictures to come!
  • Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom – on Sunday 18th May, cooking a three course meal with the gorgeous L J Rich – write-up to follow shortly…

But for now I’ve still got lots of running around in my heels to do before I have time to put my feet up for some well deserved rest and some serious blogging!


So a couple of weeks ago I get a call from one of the guys who run a fab Burlesque night; Ska Burlesque, asking me if I’d come along and do some flyering in return for free entry to their night at the Macbeth on Hoxton Road. Free Burlesque?? Why of course I’ll come help! With the amazing added bonus that the lovely Millie Dollar was performing, then how could I refuse?

Ska Burlesque

It was a mission and a half to make it to Hoxton Road; meeting the organisers at Old St. tube station we high tailed it across East London getting lost along the way and eventually making it to the Macbeth. The venue is really quite nice with a roof terrace upstairs for smokers and definitely room and a half to swing a cat. The only real problem that emerged later was with the stage… with Ska bands performing there were a whole load of instruments taking up all the room so when it came to the turn of the Burly-Q babes there wasn’t that much room for them to move. The true professionals that they were, I have to say all of the girls performing carried on regardless and shimmied on through.

Before I get on with the show I’ll tell you a bit about my adventure in flyering as much of East London as I could muster. The aim: Get to Brick Lane and back before 9 O’Clock. Having got a little lost on the way we asked for directions to Brick Lane… not the wisest move as it turned out… tottering around in my heels and seamed stockings (is there another way to flyer?) we managed to trek half way across London in search of Brick Lane only to end up walking down some scary looking side alleys where people didn’t seem too interested in a Burlesque night. Just as we were losing hope I heard a woman on her mobile; “Yeah… we’re just on our way to Brick Lane now” Success! So, after some subtle following we reached our destination and there was the occasional cry of ‘Oooh!’ which told us the job was done. Aside from a run in with a crack-whore and a few other suspicious looking characters the people we were most thankful to meet were some lovely London cabbies who pointed us back in the direction of the Macbeth, ten minutes to nine!

Having thought we wouldn’t make it back alive we declared the mission a success and set about ordering some well-deserved drinks. So who do I bump into looking absolutely gorgeous? The wonderful Foxtrot India who performed at the Tiger Tiger night of the LBF who had come to watch the show. And first up was Lydia Darling performing a double act with I believe Amanda Mone – but don’t quote me on that! Two girls on a tiny stage wasn’t quite so easy but they pulled it off all the same and I gave a hand with the pick-up as there was a lot taken off between the two of them. When I’d heard earlier that the Ska bands would be playing 45 minute sets I wasn’t too convinced that the whole thing would work… 5 minutes of Burlesque followed by an hour or so of music until the next – but the first band – Number One Station, were brilliant, and people were up drinking and skanking away quite happily and wait for the next act of the night, Bella Besame. Bella was a performer that I was aware of but hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing perform, and by golly she is one sexy lady!

I’d been able to introduce myself in the break to Millie Dollar who is absolutely lovely, and she came to the front with Foxtrot India and I to get the best view (and of course to have room to dance once Bella’s act was finished!) it really was a wonderful atmosphere. I disappeared a couple of times as I just got chatting to so many different people about Burlesque and what it means to them. Was nice to hear some different perspectives from the eclectic crowd that had gathered there; all in one room you had the burlesque fans, the ska fans and everybody that had just come along for a good time. And what a good time it was. By the time Millie Dollar took to the stage the party was in full swing, and her powder puff routine was just gorgeous. Having seen her stuff online I was blown away at how good it was in the flesh (so to speak) and what a top-notch performer she is.
Thanks Millie for getting me to the tube station in my rather drunken state!

So all I can do is whole-heartedly recommend a great night with friendly people, fab performers and cool music.

AND what’s more, I will be performing at their other venue, The Amersham Arms in New Cross on June 6th, so come along and join in the fun!