Rally the troops!

May 8, 2009

Please my darlings – do your bit in helping save Burlesque from the evil clutches of the Empire… well, Government. If you haven’t read about the ban in Camden Council then I refer you to my previous post (that bit before the pictures for those of you with bad memories!) There is currently an online petition which takes a few seconds to complete, in the hopes that this Burly-Q ban won’t spread like a plague of rabbits (very pleased with myself there for avoiding yet another joke about swine flu!).

For those of you in need of a bit more information, take a gander at this:

Under Section 25 of the proposed “Policing and Crime Bill 2008-2009” Burlesque will potentially be eradicated due to the requirement of a “Sexual Encounter Entertainment License” even though there is no nudity in burlesque (as described in section 25) it has been stated by certain boroughs already that the element of the removal of part of you clothing constitutes as stripping and therefore requires a license, although you are able to appear in front of an audience partially clothed you are not allowed to remove any item of clothing in front of an audience in order to achieve this state without the aforementioned license. We would like this loop hole in the act removed to ensure that performances that involve the removal of part of your clothing and do not result in nudity will not require licensing.” – Tricia Cox, Petition Creator

And for gawd sakes – SIGN NOW!



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