BurlyQ Pride and Social Media Prejudice

August 19, 2008

Well darlings, it seems that Burlesque isn’t as appreciated by some as we would all love it to be. What has been my life and passion, an art form that I write about with fondness and respect, has not been well received at all and has acted against me it would seem.

I have never disguised what it is that I write about and in fact have been proud that it has got me the recognition it has with other ‘bloggers’ and the Burlesque community. True, it has been a little while since my last post and so for this to get me writing again only goes to show what an effect it had on me.

A friend suggested I contact someone regarding a digital (non-Burlesque related) position. Through a social networking site I did so, and was asked to call him on Friday. Now as far as I’m concerned, people on this site know well what I write about, and some even comment here on this blog. When I write a new post I inform them about it and a lot of them take the time to check it out (lovely people that they are). Having called this ‘gentleman’ on Friday at the appointed time I was asked to wait as he would call me back. Which today, he did.

He asked me to tell him about my experiences regarding ‘social media’ (having not previously given me anymore information about the job vacancy or what it would entail) and so dear readers, I told him. I told him about the social networking tools I use, it’s place in business and society, and quite obviously – about my blog. I am proud of this blog, proud that I can give more people an insight into Burlesque; its history and it’s place in modern society. I hear a half laugh down the phone…. “it looks like some kind of stripper blog…” “Well” I reply, “in part I suppose it is…” at which point I begin to describe what Burlesque actually is, that it means to ‘pastiche’ something and so on… and this was my reply, under a derisory laugh;

“There’s no way I can hire you. No way.”

For a job in social media it seems that a background in Burlesque doesn’t help you. But Burlesque is what I’m known for in social media circles… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am not ashamed about what I do, and I don’t like being made to feel like I should be. 

After our conversation I headed to the original social networking site to post a ‘somewhat’ ambiguous statement to vent my frustration;

“I suggest people do their research next time. Yes darlings, I am the author of the BurlyQ Blog – and quite proud of it too!”

Only to see that the ‘gentleman’ involved had posted just before me:

“interviewed a social media person today that thought it was OK to have a personal stripper blog and that clients would not care. Hilarious”

As I have said before; if the word ‘Stripper’ was good enough for Gypsy Rose Lee then honey, I’ll take it.

Note: Read ‘gentleman’ in the knowledge that my great friend Bianca reminds me constantly that ladies should not swear.


8 Responses to “BurlyQ Pride and Social Media Prejudice”

  1. Amelie Says:

    Haha what a twerp! Obviously has no social skills of his own if he can physically laugh at you when speaking then derisivly write about you afterwards. Better you found out now before beginning to work for such a tool!


  2. James Says:

    You can take comfort in the fact that working for such a person would clearly have been a very bad idea in any case.

    I think you’re quite kind not to name and shame – if he feels comfortable dissing (and, frankly, discriminating against) you, I don’t think you should have any worries about calling him out. The power of Social Media is with you…

  3. Brendan Says:

    Well, some people just have difficulty stepping outside their own frame of reference. Problem is, the same people are also too keen to mock what they don’t understand.

    It’s the old nutshell: thick people don’t realise how thick they are.

    Personally I’d just try and forget it and move on. As the other commenters have said, it’s best that you don’t work with that person…

  4. Ana Says:

    i say: name and shame.
    if anything person with a bit of a character, edge and personality an asset to social media PR team. Too much boredom in this business any way. Ergo – not only small mind but also little PR skill (usually goes together actually) or tact for that matter. Not worth your time.

  5. Dan Says:

    He sounds like an idiot, not worth your time. As Ana said PR is about personality and imagination so clearly this person doesn’t get it, who needs them. I like what Brendan said “It’s the old nutshell: thick people don’t realise how thick they are.” how true this is.

    Don’t let it get you down, it’s their loss 🙂

  6. A joke, an absolute joke.

    Seriously. It’s all well and good if said person thinks your content is not suitable, but if that’s a problem then surely it should be discussed.

    Not laughed at.

    Genuinely appalled.

    In one respect I’m saddened that this happened but in another, mirroring the comments before, it’s a good thing that you didn’t end up working there.

    You’re better off without.

  7. tiaradiamond Says:

    Thank you for all your support everyone, it has been very much appreciated. As to naming and shaming the ‘gentleman’ involved… I’d like to think a ‘stripper’ like me would have more dignity than that… 🙂 If he wants to cast aspersions on my morals then I suggest he take a long hard look at his own before he does so. Rather a stripper with scruples than a… ‘gentleman’ with none.

    Thank you again darlings x

  8. Clio Says:

    Well, it sounds like (forgive I’m not as much of lady as you) You don’t wanna work of this fuck wit!

    It makes me furious too but you’re well out of if that’s his attitude

    Much Burly Hugs and Love


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