June 10, 2008

Ok my lovelies – so they’ve been a long time coming but here are some of the shots from my Rita Hayworth photo shoot…

So not as good as the real thing (Ms. Hayworth was a stunner!) But the inspiration was there… Whaddya think?

Tiara x


6 Responses to “Rita!”

  1. Pieman Says:

    They are some really lovely photos, you definitely have the poses down!

  2. tiaradiamond Says:

    Thank you 🙂 Trying to get some more shots done to go with my performance pics. Here’s hoping! x

  3. I like the last one best, x

  4. Rawan Says:

    they are lovely !! I really liked them specially the last one ; )

    very nice

  5. Hello Tiara! I love your blog. I’m a friend of Annie Mole’s. Was just in London recently and met up with her and heard about Nom Nom. You’re gorgeous and have star quality and make slender girls like me wish for much more. Go girl!

  6. nearlynormalized Says:

    Sort of–but yes she was one of the beauties…Just watched “Gilda”, what a body for those outfitts…”Dream a little Dream”

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