Ska Burlesque @ The Amersham Arms

June 7, 2008

As promised to all those lovelies that voted for me (click here and vote if you haven’t already!) here are some pictures of last night’s performance – which you should have all seen by the way!:

Me and my man… ahhh… So we arrive on the stage so I can show off my new outfit and he goes and sticks me with a bill for it all! Of course with no cash in my wallet I have to give it all back to him. Just as well he prefers me without my clothes on!


3 Responses to “Ska Burlesque @ The Amersham Arms”

  1. Ana Says:

    Liked the pics then? They prove very popular on my flickr 🙂
    great show darling, you’re a natural on stage! x x

  2. Lau Says:

    Looking gorgeous as always my dear 🙂 Loving your blog! x

  3. […] for that, I will be performing my act ‘Billet doux’, which had it’s premier at The Amersham Arms; as part of the Cabaret and Burlesque Meet-up on July 3rd on Brick Lane. Of course, no Smooch Rocks […]

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