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March 25, 2008

Ok so I’ve been missing for a while but I do have lots to show for it!

My dissertation is finally complete and has been handed in, it’s a stage adaptation of Gypsy Rose Lee’s Burly-Q murder mystery, ‘The G-String Murders’ and isn’t too bad.. so long as you like the book! A soon as I can figure out how to convert my word doc. into .pdf format then I’ll happily distribute to anyone that wants to read it, or act it out if you really want to.


I also tootled along to the London Burlesque Festival volunteer’s meet-up and will be helping out as a French Maid stage-hand for three nights! A friend of mine is performing on the 3rd at Tiger Tiger, so I’m looking forward to picking up her frilly things; and I hope you’ll be coming along to see her take them off!

The London Burlesque Festival is running from the 2nd-6th April with events organised at Madam JoJos, Bush Hall, Soho Revue Bar and venues across London. Chaz Royal is bringing acts from International waters over to the capital for his 2nd Annual Burlesque Festival, including my favourites, The Fleshoticas! They’re performing at the International Gala on the 5th (Bush Hall) and the Topless Revue on the 6th (Soho Revue Bar), so if you miss them one night you’ve got a chance to see them again! Highly recommended.

And today (last bit of news) I went and had my hair and make-up done as screen legend Rita Hayworth, and had some pictures taken as part of my friend Faye’s Specialist Make-up course. The photographs will be coming in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for them, but for now here are a few shots of me in theĀ artists chair;



Enjoy! x


3 Responses to “What’s new?”

  1. […] 22, 2008 Okay, so you all know I wrote a stage adaptation of The G-String Murders by Gypsy Rose Lee… but have any of you seen the film? ‘Lady of Burlesque‘ sees […]

  2. Russell Says:


    Happened to come across your page while doing a googling “Burly Q.” Would be interested in reading your stage adaptation of THE G-STRING MURDERS. Please contact me if interested in passing it along.


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