March 16, 2008

Rehearsals have begun for Lisa Devaney‘s HeeHaw Whorehouse, due to be performed at Madam JoJo’s on April 6th as part of Finger In The Pie Cabaret. Go to their website to pick up tickets! I will be dancing my début as Cindy Brandy Candy, the purdiest gal at the HeeHaw Whorehouse, so be sure to come along and check it out. We’re the first act of the evening, (doors at 7pm, show at approx. 8pm) so even if you’re planning to shoot off to Chaz Royal’s Topless Revue – which starts at 9pm at Soho Revue Bar, there’s no reason why you can’t swing by and catch us first! Here’s a little preview picture of the cast, courtesy of Madam Devaney…


And a little description of what you can expect…

‘Cabaret meets Appalachia in Lisa Devaney’s Hee Haw! WhoreHouse, an Americana slapstick comedy that will have you a hooting ‘n a hollering and begging the bar for a swig ‘o moonshine. Inspired by the backwoods of the USA, where hillbilly fashion can still be spotted on Main Street, you’ll enjoy a finger-licking, foot-stomping good time at this hilarious whore house, and if you’ve only got pennies in your pocket, there are plenty ‘o rock-bottom bargain bin prices on offer to help even the poorest of the po’folk leave with a smile on their face.’

It should be a lot of fun… for both the performers and for the audience… one member in particular! So come along and join in for a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

3 Responses to “Yee-haw!”

  1. […] man, I know. Then I’ve got my show on the Sunday at Madam Jo […]

  2. […] man, I know. Then I’ve got my show on the Sunday at Madam Jo […]

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