Acting like a Star

February 29, 2008

Sitting rather un-glamourously in the council tax office the other day, a friend of mine picked up and old copy of InStyle Magazine and started flicking through. STOP! I shouted, getting a glimpse of the raven black hair and red lips that could only belong to the beautiful Dita Von Teese. Having wrestled it out of her hands I started to read about all her hair and make-up tips, whilst staring longingly at the beautiful dresses she was wearing. Then I read something which struck a familiar chord.


It was the part where she spoke about having wanted to be an actress; but the kind that wouldn’t have to shave off their hair for a role or put on two stone because the character demanded it. Not being an ‘actress’ per-say, but being a star. And I think that’s what drove me down the acting path myself. My great heroes are not Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren; but Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe.  Film stars. The kind they used to make.

Burlesque gives so many girls the opportunity to go back in time and be glamorous, well dressed, adored… they get to live out their little-girl fantasies and find an outlet where other people do it too. It’s a wonderful world, or has been for me at least. And as I realise this, it puts a lot of things about where my life is going into perspective. Because honey, I’m not reaching for an Oscar… I’m reaching for the stars.


2 Responses to “Acting like a Star”

  1. D*J*E Says:

    Can you post a bigger version of this so we can read Dita’s makeup tips?
    Thanks and your blog look like it will be electric!

  2. tiaradiamond Says:

    I’ve had a look and I’m sorry to say the article has vanished into the ether! However, I do remember a couple of things from it, so I hope they’ll do for now! It basically said to always use lip liner with your classic red lipstick (Dita has about 20 or so shades she can choose from!), to highlight in a ‘C’ shape from the tip of your cheekbone up to just above your eyebrow, use a light setting lotion on your hair to keep it managable and that rather than wearing mascara and having to take it off every night, Dita will wear false lashes instead. Hope this was some help! x

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